SacValley MedShare:
Simplifying Healthcare Information for state of California Patients

Discover how SacValley MedShare’s Health Information Exchange (SVMS HIE) simplifies the intricate flow of healthcare information for California residents, saving money and time and, ultimately, safeguarding their health.


Enhancing Healthcare Access and Quality, Anytime, Anywhere

Today, many individuals frequently travel for personal and professional reasons; emergencies can arise far from home, making access to medical records crucial. SacValley MedShare's Health Information Exchange (SVMS HIE) enhances patient care by allowing doctors 24/7 access to critical information, fostering collaboration between specialists and primary care physicians. This enables the sharing of test results, coordination of care, and timely feedback, ultimately elevating the quality of healthcare, especially during evenings, weekends, and holidays when most healthcare organizations are closed.

24/7 Access to Critical Data

We ensure doctors have continuous access to vital patient information.

Improved Patient Care

SVMS enhances patient care by providing access to data outside regular hours

Uninterrupted Healthcare

We offer peace of mind with access to healthcare data at any time.

Vital Health Data

24/7 Access to Critical Patient Information

Most healthcare facilities have limited hours of operation, but health concerns don’t adhere to schedules. With SVMS, doctors gain round-the-clock access to critical patient information. Whether it’s late evenings, weekends, or holidays, your healthcare remains uninterrupted, ensuring your well-being.

Improving Patient Care through Information Sharing

Healthcare providers rely on comprehensive health information to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment for their patients. By enabling access to one another’s records, providers can offer more precise and efficient care, reducing the necessity for redundant tests and procedures. This collaborative approach not only improves patient outcomes but also contributes to the control of healthcare costs. Shared health information encompasses various critical elements, including lab and X-ray results, medication and immunization history, transcribed diagnostic and treatment records, records of allergies and drug reactions, as well as other essential clinical reports.

Ensuring Privacy

Information generated after SacValley MedShare (SVM) inception in 2015 will be accessible through SacValley MedShare (SVMS), contingent upon the provider possessing the information being a participating provider who opts to share it. However, please be aware that older health records will not be accessible via SacValley MedShare (SVM).

Participating providers will not share records related to: ​

(1) alcohol or substance abuse treatment programs or mental health treatment (or information likely to be used by such programs, unless you have provided specific consent to your provider for these records to be shared)
(2) emergency protective custody proceedings
(3) predictive genetic testing performed for genetic counseling purposes
(4) HIV testing
(5) STD testing or treatment of minors consented to by the minor.

However, information about test results may be available or referred to elsewhere in the record.



SacValley MedShare follows all the same state and federal HIPPA privacy regulations as your local doctors and hospitals. Your providers already share patient information necessary to provide safe and timely care. Phone calls, faxes, and postal mail are not the fastest or safest methods for communicating.

SacValley MedShare provides a service that allows your doctors to send and receive that information quickly and securely. We never sell patient information for any reason.

SacValley MedShare sigue todas las mismas regulaciones estatales y federales de privacidad de HIPPA que sus médicos y hospitales locales. Sus proveedores ya comparten la información del paciente necesaria para brindar atención segura y oportuna. Las llamadas telefónicas, los faxes y el correo postal no son los métodos más rápidos o seguros para comunicarse.

SacValley MedShare proporciona un servicio que le permite a sus médicos enviar y recibir esa información de forma rápida y segura. Nunca vendemos información del paciente por ninguna razón.



Patients have the right to join or leave the information exchange at any time by submitting the appropriate forms to SacValley MedShare. Please see the section below on Opting Out/Revoking Opt-Out.

Patients have the right to request an accounting of disclosures at any from the facility where they received medical care. Please contact your facility to request an accounting of disclosures.

Los pacientes tienen derecho a unirse o abandonar el intercambio de información en cualquier momento mediante la presentación de los formularios correspondientes a SacValley MedShare. Consulte la siguiente sección sobre Opting Out/Revoking Opt-Out.

Los pacientes tienen el derecho de solicitar un informe de divulgaciones en cualquiera de las instalaciones donde recibieron atención médica. Comuníquese con su centro para solicitar un informe de las divulgaciones.


The SVMS health information exchange was created to allow your providers of care to share pertinent medical information about you, which is all secured and protected in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. To opt-out or revoke a previous opt-out, use one of the forms below.



El intercambio de información de salud de SVMS fue creado para permitir que sus proveedores de cuidado compartan la información médica pertinente sobre usted que está asegurada y protegida de acuerdo con la Ley de Portabilidad y Responsabilidad del Seguro Médico. Para inhabilitar o revocar una opción de exclusión anterior, utilice uno de los formularios siguientes.



If you do not want anyone – including your healthcare providers or any emergency department – to have access to your health information in SVMS’ HIE, please complete the opt-out form above, place it in a secure envelope, and return it to SVMS at the address provided. By mailing the completed opt-out form, you are requesting that SVMS no longer permit your health care providers - including emergency care providers - to have access to your health information contained in the HIE. We offer this option as some patients desire it. We do not recommend opting out. It is dangerous for physicians to treat you without knowing your health problems, medications, and allergies. If you elect to opt-out, your request will be acted upon within approximately five (5) business days after receipt by SVMS and will only apply to access after such date. You are welcome to opt back in at any time by completing an opt-out Revocation Form above. However, any opt-back-in request from you may take up to five (5) business days after receipt by SVMS to be in effect. Also, SVMS may not have current health information to make available to your healthcare providers for some time after the effective date.


Si no desea que nadie, incluidos sus proveedores de atención médica o cualquier departamento de emergencia, tenga acceso a su información de salud en el HIE de SVMS, complete el formulario de exclusión voluntaria que aparece arriba, colóquelo en un sobre seguro y devuélvalo a SVMS en la dirección proporcionada. Al enviar por correo el formulario de exclusión completo, usted solicita que SVMS ya no permita que sus proveedores de atención médica, incluidos los proveedores de atención de emergencia, tengan acceso a su información médica contenida en el HIE. Ofrecemos esta opción ya que algunos pacientes la desean. No recomendamos optar por no participar. Es peligroso que los médicos lo traten sin conocer sus problemas de salud, medicamentos y alergias. Si opta por no participar, su solicitud se atenderá dentro de aproximadamente cinco (5) días hábiles después de que SVMS la reciba y solo se aplicará al acceso después de dicha fecha. Le invitamos a volver a participar en cualquier momento completando el formulario de revocación de exclusión que aparece arriba. Sin embargo, cualquier solicitud de participación suya puede tardar hasta cinco (5) días hábiles después de que SVMS la reciba para entrar en vigencia. Además, es posible que SVMS no tenga información de salud actualizada para ponerla a disposición de sus proveedores de atención médica durante algún tiempo después de la fecha de vigencia.

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