SacValley MedShare: Our Mission

To improve the quality and safety of healthcare across the great state of California by sharing health information in a secure and efficient fashion between all providers, facilities, and patients.

Who is SacValley MedShare?

SacValley MedShare is a non-profit entity established 13 years ago by healthcare professionals within the local community. Our organization operates without corporate investors or profit-driven agendas. Led by trusted individuals overseeing your local hospitals, clinics, and public health programs, SacValley MedShare is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers across California in delivering the highest-quality care to our communities.

Why is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) Beneficial?

Traditional healthcare facilities often operate limited hours, leaving gaps in access to medical records during evenings, weekends, and holidays. SacValley MedShare bridges this gap, granting doctors access to vital information round-the-clock, every day of the year. In today's medical landscape in California, patients frequently travel long distances for specialized treatment, often far from their primary care providers and medical records. Enhanced communication between specialists and primary care physicians through SacValley MedShare leads to improved patient outcomes. By facilitating the sharing of test results, coordinating care, and providing timely feedback, the quality of healthcare delivery is significantly elevated.
Below is a link to more information provided by The Office Of The National Coordinator (ONC)

What is our role as a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO)?

As a QHIO, we play a vital role in creating a connected healthcare landscape in California. Our focus is on providing data exchange capabilities that many health and social service organizations currently lack, particularly those serving historically marginalized populations and underserved communities. By connecting these entities and facilitating their involvement, we aim to expand the reach of data exchange across the state, thereby dismantling longstanding information barriers that hinder effective and informed care. This milestone in interoperability ensures that every Californian, regardless of where they seek care, can trust that their health and social services providers have access to comprehensive health information. This enables them to collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible care.

The future of SacValley MedShare

SacValley MedShare envisions a future where healthcare in California is seamlessly connected, ensuring that every individual receives the best possible care, regardless of their location or background. As a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO), we are committed to fulfilling this vision by providing essential data exchange capabilities that many health and social service entities currently lack. We focus on serving historically marginalized populations and underserved communities, bridging gaps in information exchange to facilitate effective and informed care delivery.

By connecting these entities and enabling their participation in the Data Exchange Framework (DxF), we aim to break down long-standing information silos that have hindered collaboration and hindered the provision of optimal care. This milestone in interoperability represents a significant advancement in healthcare, ensuring that every Californian can rely on their healthcare providers to have access to a comprehensive picture of their health.

“Our EMR Vendor had unanticipated down time this past weekend because of a power outage to their data center.  While they were down we were able to use the SacValley portal to get current patient information to our on call providers (inpatient and outpatient).  This is a tremendous benefit of membership 😊.”

Danielle Oryn

Chief Medical Officer/Chief Medical Informatics Officer