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Empowering California’s healthcare landscape with professional expertise and unwavering knowledge. SacValley MedShare simplifies the intricate flow of healthcare information, fostering vital connections between providers and patients statewide.

Our EMR Vendor had unanticipated down time this past weekend because of a power outage to their data center. While they were down, we were able to use the SacValley portal to get current patient information to our on-call providers (inpatient and outpatient). This is a tremendous benefit of membership.

Danielle Oryn, Chief Medical Officer/Chief Medical Informatics Officer

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We're committed to forging healthcare connections that enhance community experiences and outcomes by bridging the gap between providers and patients, ensuring equitable health information access.

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What is SacValley MedShare Qualified Health Information Organization (SVMS QHIO)?

SacValley MedShare is a Qualified Health Information Organization (SVMS QHIO) designated by the state to exchange health data securely across the state serving  California statewide. It’s sponsored by healthcare providers and insurers who share and utilize your health information for treatment and payment purposes, ensuring your healthcare journey is seamless and well-informed.

For example, SVMS allows:

  • Your participating doctors to quickly access your labs and results from past treatments.
  • Hospitals and pharmacies to verify your insurance coverage efficiently.
  • Providers to report necessary information to public health agencies.
  • Health insurers to access essential health data for claims processing.
  • Emergency room teams to access vital health information promptly for optimal care.
  • We serve all provider organizations mandated in the California Health and Human Services (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF).

Ensuring Privacy and Compliance

Rest assured, SacValley MedShare (SVMS) prioritizes the safety and confidentiality of your health information. The system fully complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Only authorized healthcare providers with a need-to-know basis can access your information.

Elevate Your Practice with SVMS QHIO

At SacValley MedShare, we revolutionize healthcare delivery through our Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO), empowering healthcare professionals with secure, 24/7 access to critical medical data. SVMS ensures uninterrupted access to vital information, even when healthcare facilities are closed, and emergencies occur far from primary care settings.

By fostering collaboration among specialists and primary care providers, our exchange enhances the quality of patient care through result sharing, coordinated treatments, and prompt feedback. As a California Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO), sponsored by local healthcare entities, SVMS prioritizes streamlined treatment and payment, providing secure, HIPAA-compliant access to enrich your practice and elevate patient outcomes.

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